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When is the best time to visit Peru?

They always ask us: “When is the best time to travel to Peru? “Our answer is always: you can visit Peru throughout the year. However, Peru is not the best time to travel. Each travel season has its charm, regardless of whether it is rainy or dry. Peru is always worth a visit. But there are some things to consider, because the weather varies greatly in individual landscape areas.

To know when is the best time to travel to Peru, you must understand that summer and winter time in the southern hemisphere takes place in different months.

Best time to visit Peru: Winter or Summer

Peruvian winter

winter in cusco best time to visit PeruIf you prefer sunny weather, you can expect pure sun from May to September in the Andean regions and in the jungle. It is the best time for hiking in the Andes. On the coast (around Lima) there is a very persistent coastal fog at this time of year and you don’t see the sun here for weeks. If you travel from Lima north or south, the coastal fog will dissolve again. Remember that from May to September it is winter in the southern globe. Therefore, it can be very cold at night in the Andes at this time of year.

The high tourist season is between June and August, when most Europeans come to Peru.

Peruvian summer time

summer in cusco peru best time to visit PeruIn the Peruvian summer, from November to March, it gets very summery and hot on the coast. In the Andes and in the jungle, summer time means the rainy season. Heavy rains are the order of the day, but here the sun also appears almost daily. The attraction of this season is, of course, lush and green vegetation in the Andes, as well as in the jungle. Photographers among you will surely appreciate the benefits of rain and the interesting cloud formation.

Peruvian summer time is considered out of season, and many travelers come to Peru from other South American countries.

Important note: the famous Inca Trail is closed every year in February, the rainiest month. Alternative trekking is possible this month.

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