Travel and Healing in Cusco

Generally a travel and healing in Cusco is organized by agencies that are dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of visitors, it is also important to know that spiritual retreats have nothing to do with “witchcraft”, as some might think. Rather, it is a way to know yourself and heal some ills thanks to spiritual guides (shamans) and native Inca medicine.

Cusco not only presents beautiful adventures like: the walk through the Lares Valley or the Sacred Valley tour, unforgettable landscapes like the rainbow mountain or the famous Machu Picchu. Also, in these millenary lands, there is still knowledge of Inca medicine, and thanks to the spiritual guides, physical ailments (pain and illnesses), psychological and above all spiritual ailments can be cured.

if you are looking for answers to your biggest questions or regrets of your life, maybe a travel and healing in cusco is right for you!

in the face of disease, there is hope for a cure…

The shamans of Peru; both guides, friends and healers. They are very prepared and kind people, especially of native origin (typical man of the nades). If on your trip you are offered healing by non-native shamans, get out! You may be being tricked.

Shamans are the last repositories of ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. They are able to awaken the Apus, the mountain gods. Among their other powers: dialoguing with the stars or bringing back the “elders”. They are there to help anyone who wants to cure diseases of body and soul. They can be called upon to conquer a loved one, to make a business flourish, or even to drive away evildoers, “enemies”.

Both spiritual guides and healers occupy a very important place in Peruvian society.

Preparation processes for medicinal retreats.

Before starting the preparation process you should be very clear about what you need. It is very different the healing processes with Ayahuasca retreats and San Pedro sessions, and another very different is the preparation for the coca reading and offerings to mother earth. But what you should know is that each of the preparations are not experiments or adventures, a lot of respect and decision is needed if you want true answers.

The first day will be dedicated to establishing your program of different therapy days and individualized follow-up.

During the stay a 1-day fasting will be proposed with cleansing sessions, basing the herbal infusions to detoxify the body and reactivate the stem cells.

In the program and according to the needs of each person: angelic and shamanic treatments, herbal treatments, Acces Consciousness method (mental cleansing), Taotherapy (deprogramming, emotional cleansing), re-harmonization of emotional shocks, introduction to emotional recognition to get rid of them, vibratory concert, study of your home in Vital Harmony sessions. All this process is performed if you need to cure any disease.

In cabio for coca readings and offerings to Pachamama, it will be proposed as an option: a healing in certain sacred places: Moray (culture in stages), Ollantaytambo (gate of the Sun). Sites according to the needs and aspirations of the people.

Ancestral medicine.

For treatments, shamans use the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, as well as plants and animals, which must be introduced into the human body. They are collected in their natural state and given to the person to be cured by means of juice, mate or resin.

The other method is to trace shamanism or psycho-magicianism through master plants such as Ayahuasca. At the same time, there is a whole physical work, which refers to massages and body work, very similar to what today’s therapists do. Finally, the prayers and meditation provoke a psychic cleaning in the person, which helps him/her notably in the treatment.

Shamans are sometimes accused of superstition and quackery. They defend their traditions as acts of mediation and communication with our deepest and most forgotten spiritual side. They are guides with almost supernatural powers and are able to cure many ills, so it is only natural that they are still so important in Peru!

If you decide to make a trip and healing in Cusco to know the ancestral medicine, to cure some illness that has afflicted you, psychological medicine or to look for answers around your being. the most advisable thing is to ask for a lot of information before initiating some treatment. not everything can be cured! But you can be sure that after some retreat you will feel more complete spiritually, you will have some clearer doubts and perhaps even understand how you could live together or even overcome diseases that afflict you.

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