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Puno – Lares – Machu Picchu 12D/11N

Puno – Lares – Machu Picchu 12D/11N

Trip Overview

Tour Type:
Hiking, camping, adventure, history, culture.
Total Distance:
43KM/26 Miles
Good For:
Those who enjoy hiking and have a moderate level of fitness.
Puno, Cusco, Machu Picchu


ENTER THE MYSTERY–QUEST OF A LIFE TIME!! When you touch the Soil of this ancient land and people you will discover the Source of your own Inner Light. With Pumadventures you will experience events, places, people and challenges that will transform your life. Our journeys to Peru are Doorways of Initiation. The intent of this doorway is to give you the means to move freely and travel deeply into the magic of the moment NOW. Through connection with the power of the sacred sites of Peru, you’ll expand your ability to work with the energies of your own nature. You’ll experience your ability to project your spirit beyond the limitations of the mind and explore the great Mystery of the spiritual World. These mystical experiences are an immersion to the fascinating ancient Cultures of the Andes and your connection to this magical land. Our Journeys are not about the destination they are about the best experiences along the Journey, this is why for us is priority to offer every grand experience along the trip. Choosing carefully for you all the best Places to visit that are often off the beaten path.


A fascinating journey in the high Andes that will take you to the heights of your own personal mountain top, with our help and through ceremony you will empower yourself to go beyond your expectations, experience the Mountains and the Local people in heartfelt way, and go beyond all limitations as we ascend closer to the heavens. Where our ancestors always lived.

Tour Plan


Day 1: Lima - Puno (D)

Today we fly over the majestic Andes to Puno. Make sure to have your camera ready for some spectacular photo opportunities. On a clear day you can see all the valleys and peaks and the tiny mountain towns scattered among the hills. In the afternoon we will have our introductory meeting to go over all the exciting activities we have planned for our journey. Spend the rest of the day independently to adjust to the altitude and wander through the colorful town. Make sure to check out the fabulous craft markets to get a head start on gift buying. In the evening we will gather together for our Welcome Dinner of traditional Peruvian cuisine and enjoy the local entertainment. Pick up at Juliaca-Puno airport. If you arrive to Juliaca earlier you will be picked up at your hotel.

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)

Day 2: Uros Islands - Amantany Homestay (B, L, D)

Wake up early this morning to revel in the morning sun before embarking on a private boat trip on the tranquil waters of Lake Titicaca to Uros Islands. These islands of Totora reeds are home to the Uros people who according to legend existed before the sun when the earth was cold and dark. The islands now attract visitors from all over and offer an opportunity to learn about ancient practices and traditions and a chance to admire the simple way of life of the people. Although the Uros claim to have “black blood” which makes them impervious to the cold, they are a warm and inviting people and we will all be welcomed with open arms and hearts.

Among the islands, we’ll visit Amantaní, a circular island about 9 square km in size, known as the Island of the Kantuta, after the national flower which grows plentifully here. The island is home to two mountain peaks, Pachatata (Father Earth) and Pachamama (Mother Earth), and contains ancient Inca and Tiwanaku ruins on top of both. Agriculture is a main way of life here evidenced by the terraced hillsides which are planted with wheat, quinoa, potatoes, and other vegetables. On this island, we will connect with the sacred balance of feminine and masculine energies at the Temple of Pachatata and Pachamama. We will prepare a sacred offering to heal any disharmony and to help balance the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves to achieve harmony. We will also enjoy a most unique experience as we overnight here on the island with a local homestay. While the comforts will be basic (sleeping bags will be provided), it is a great honor to be welcomed into the community and homes of the local people who welcome us with open arms and hearts. It will also be a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for their way of life and traditions. We will meet in a terrace overlooking the sacred lake in a sacred fire ceremony into the night, hearing stories of the lake and the origins of the Inca culture.

(Please note: there will be a 2 km hike to reach our homestay dwellings.)
(Overnight on Amantaní in a homestay with a local family)

Day 3: Amantany Hike And Ceremony (B, L)

This morning, after a local breakfast, we will hike to the mountain top and connect with the pre-Inca Pachatata and Pachamama temples, where we will share a sacred ceremony to complete our healing process in preparation for our return home. This will be our unique opportunity to give thanks to Mother Earth and all those who have nurtured us and blessed us on this journey. Gathered in reverence we will show our greatest appreciation to the Great Mother and also have a chance to thank our new spirit brothers and sisters for their company and friendship on this transformational journey. We will also learn how to protect our aura and also how to keep our vibrational energy high and constant so that we can continue to heal ourselves. After lunch we will get in our private boat and travel back to the hotel. After a refreshing shower and cleanup we will go for a nice dinner together.

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)

Day 4: Full Day Cutimbo (B, L)

Pick up from HOTEL transfer to Cutimbo The archaeological complex, located 22 km from the city of Puno. Where there are archaeological evidences Pre-Inca and Inca; paintings 8,000 years old, chullpas of different dimensions (funerary buildings), with zoomorphic representations in high relief. In this place were buried only the ones who have been of best service and only those who could become the best offerings to the Gods. Existence of these structures explains the ingrained cult of the dead and the belief in immortality. And full day working whit the medicine (San Pedrito) .

(Overnight in Puno at the Royal Inn Puno Hotel or Similar)

Day 5: Puno - Csuco (B, L)

Full day journey to arrive in the afternoon to Cusco. The service is provided in buses equipped purely for a touristic trip, looking for the best way to travel from Puno to Cusco, so our passengers can enjoy different locations that hold magical charm and an ancestral history, such as: The Sistine Chapel of the Americas or the Andahuaylillas church, the mighty Temple of Wiracocha, the majestic La Raya pass (road limit between Cusco and Puno, with a beautiful view of the Chimboya Glacier, and the fascinating Lithic Museum of the Pukará culture. Welcome Dinner together.

(Overnight in Cusco at the Costa del Sol – Ramada Cusco or Similar)

Day 6: Sacred Valley (B, L)

After breakfast we make our way through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the area between Pisac and Ollantaytambo, catching sight of the scattering of ancient Incan remnants, reminders of the region’s immense ceremonial importance. This long narrow valley goes up to Urcos in the south and towards the north to cross Ollantaytambo before its stretch of broad plains, rugged peaks, and incomparable beauty finally reach the citadel of Machu Picchu. Its fertile lands have been home to the Inca for thousands of years and their mysteries and legends still resound. We drive into the hills to the picturesque town of Pisac to admire the colonial architecture and the awe-inspiring scenic beauty and stop at the ancient solar observatory, which we will enter through the ancient Temple of the Condor, for a private ceremony. We then make our way to the village of Pisac and enjoy time to explore the Andean Marketplace to purchase lovely handcrafted treasures to take home. After lunch in Urubamba, we continue on to Ollantaytambo, the Sanctuary of the Wind, renowned for its ancient fortress. We visit the royal baths and fountains for a shamanic energy cleansing ceremony by Unu, the Water element, and then make our way along the murmuring river to the Temple of the Condor for a few moments of reflection and silent meditation. Ending off our afternoon, we stop at the main altar area of the temple to receive our blessings from Wayra (Wind Element), the guardian of the site. As we watch the sunset, take time to reflect on the day before returning to our hotel for the night.

(Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Inkallpa Yanahuara Hotel or similar)

Day 7: Lares Trek (B, S, L, D)

The Lares Trek is an excellent alternative to the Inca Trail. Taking you off the beaten track with visits to authentic Andean communities whilst being surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valleys this fabulous trek offers a real insight in to the lives of the people of Cusco as it once was.

Our first day of the trek starts in the small village of Pumahuanca in the Sacred Valley. We’ll gently make our way up one of the side valleys covering about 14km in total and climbing about 1150m / 3373ft as we make our way towards the village of Puyoc. On our way up we’ll visit the small Inca site of Pumahuanca and learn about the native plants, flowers and birds that inhabit this region. This particular route for the Lares trek is not commonly done by other companies so we can enjoy the peace and tranquility of our surroundings without any distractions or disturbance. Because so few people visit the area there is a good chance of seeing Viscachas (a rabbit like Chinchilla) and we may also spot Andean Fox. Our campsite for the night is at Puyoc (4100m / 13451ft); it’s quite barren at this altitude and it is not uncommon for it to snow up here during the dry season.


Day 8: Puyoc - Yanaqocha - Cuncani (B, S, L, D)

Today is the most spectacular day of the trek and quite a bit easier going than yesterday. From our campsite it’s about a 13km walk to the village of Cuncani but most of that is downhill as the pass is only about a 2 hour walk right at the beginning. As we make our way to Cuncani we’ll pass by snowcapped peaks high above us, serene mountain lakes (including Yanacocha – Black Water) and get to meet the local people dressed in their traditional bright red clothing. This side of the pass is completely different culturally to the other side and as we wind our way down from the pass your guide will teach you about the people and their way of life. You’ll also get to learn a few Qhechua phrases so that you can interact with the local people.

(Overnight in Lares)

Day 9: Lares – Machupicchu (B, S, L)

The focus of today is to meet the local people. Waking up early we’ll be taken by our guide to one of the houses where we’ll get to meet a local family. The people are incredibly welcoming and are just as eager to learn about you as you are of them – hopefully by now you’ll have mastered a few phrases and be able to ask a few questions (much to everyones delight and amusement). After the visit you’ll have the opportunity to give any gifts you’ve brought for the local people and also to buy some of the locally made alpaca products that the region is famed for. After a relaxing dip in the hot springs we’ll be picked up by our bus and driven back to the Sacred Valley from we board our train to Aguas Calientes. We enjoy a scenic train ridea long the Urubamaba River to the charming village of Aguas Calientes.

(Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Waman Hotel or Similar)

Day 10: Full Day Machupicchu (B)

We make our way by bus to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for our spiritual awakening. The Lost City of the Incas is an inspiring and beautiful sacred site, an architectural wonder, and a great testament to Incan Civilization. Once used primarily as an astronomical Observatory, Machu Picchu now attracts thousands of visitors each year to connect with the sacred energies of this special place. Because it sits within 3 corresponding high peaks of power which create an energy triangle, it is a perfect spot to sit and meditate, focus your intent, and grow your awareness. During our time here we will visit the Temple of the Sun and Moon, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the spiritual center of the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun to connect with the upper and lower worlds and the elements of air, and fire. Enjoy a few moments for private reflection and exploration, before being guided into a heart-opening ceremony to connect with Pachamama and the universal energies that encompass us a life changing experience!

(Overnight in Aguas Calientes at the Waman Hotel or Similar)

Day 11: Moray - Cusco (B, L)

After breakfast we board the return train and after disembarking, our bus takes us for a visit to the captivating Incan site of Moray, six hundred meters above Urubamba. This ancient site contains unusual Inca ruins, large circular terraces, and a sunken amphitheater. The circular terraces were used for agriculture and were created as a type of open greenhouse consisting of tropical microclimates. As Moray was also considered the womb of Mother Earth, it was thought to be the best place to initiate healers. Here, we will experience another connection with the sacred feminine energy for healing our physical bodies and our emotional temples. Later in the day we travel back to Cusco and retire for the evening. In the evening we will enjoy a farewell dinner with music and traditional dancing for those leaving us at the end of the journey. Tonight will be a wonderful opportunity to share the gifts, wisdom, and insights we have all received on this magical journey.

(Overnight in Cusco at the Costa del Sol – Ramada Cusco or Similar)

Day 12: Transfer to the Airport

B Breakfast
L Lunch
S Snack
D Dinner
BL Boxed Lunch

Packing List


Good hiking gear like hiking boots, warm jackets, gloves, hat warm fleece and socks.
Walking boots.
Waterproof jacket/rain poncho.
Hat and gloves.
Good day back pack.
Copy of your passport.
Warm clothes: Layers for variable temperatures, especially at night.
Comfortable trousers.
Sun hat.
Sun protection cream.
Insect Repellent.
Re-usable plastic or metal water container.
Personal medication.
Camera and film.
Flashlight with spare batteries.
Walking stick.
Bathing suit for the hot springs.
Extra money for souvenirs, drinks & tips.


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