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10 Days Peru Pilgrimage

10 Days Peru Pilgrimage

Duration: 10 Day Peru Pilgrimage

Departure: 30 May 2020

Price Double Room: USD $2,500 per person

Single Supplement: USD $450



Pumadventures Peru Tours is a spiritual travel team that brings conscious people together to undergo a deeper journey into themselves. Our Spiritual retreats are a connection with your sacred origins, ancient cultures and stellar magic, that will give you the opportunity to take part in sacred plant ceremonies that will enable you to experience profound inner journeys into your true and authentic self. while journeying through the most powerful places. You’ll experience your ability to project your spirit beyond the limitations of the mind and explore the great Mystery of the spiritual World. These mystical experiences are an immersion to the fascinating ancient Cultures of the Andes and your connection to this magical land.


Witness one of the most pilgrimage & authentic celebrations of the Andes. Ausangate is the highest in the Cuzco region and the site of Qoyllur R’iti festival. The pilgrimage is a 2-4-hour trek along an 8km winding mountain path. Together we’ll hike alongside a steady stream of Pilgrims to the base of the glacier and the Sinakara Valley (4700 m/15,420 ft).

The festival lasts for three days with music, dancing, processions and elaborate costumes. With an eclectic mix of Andean culture and Christianity, we’ll see stations of the cross along the path and makeshift stalls selling miniature houses, cars, wads of fake money, University degrees, marriage certificates etc. Pilgrims purchase these items as symbols of what they desire and believe that one must attend Qoyllur R’iti three times in order to manifest their dreams into reality.

Like stepping into a page of a National Geographic magazine, be prepared to be surrounded by a sea of thousands of pilgrims, dancers, musicians, costumes, food stalls, and tents. Expect an intensely cold evening with temperatures below freezing and likely very little sleep due to festivities that continue all day and all night. For all these reasons, it is important to come prepared, mentally, physically, and by bringing clothes suitable for cold weather conditions.


The Sacred Valley of the Inca’s is a fertile stretch of land offering world-class magic to the global Family. view that amaze you with their immensity, people that touch you with their join the lives, and ancient sacred sites that speak of a secret time long past. The true mystery of the sacred Valley can only unfold by travelling with the local people of the land however, and that is where Pumadventures Peru Tours offers you something truly unique experiences. Our Team with the Masters of The Andes, we have created a life-changing itinerary that gets you intimately acquainted with the real Peru, guaranteed to deliver you home ‘reset’ on all levels deeply invigorated to create a life you love forever.

IMAGINE going back in time

Join us with the thousands of pilgrims from the Andes. We will walk to the base of a sacred mountain for the annual celebration of Qoyllur R’iti, the “Snow Star” festival. Traditional local dancers, colorful costumes and music fill the air as we join the ceremony of offering offerings to the Spirit of the Mountains to manifest our dreams in reality.

EXPLORE ancient sacred sites

From the Sacsayhuaman to the majestic arqueological site of Ollantaytambo, the circular terraces of Moray, the salt mines of Maras, the sanctuary of Machu Picchu and the colorful commercial city of Chinchero. We will explore ancient sacred sites that are one of the greatest building and architectural achievements in the world.

EXPERIENCE traditional Andean culture

Peru is one mix of Spanish and andinous cultures that we will experience first-hand when they receive us in the heart of an Andean town that houses weavers and farmers. We will participate in ceremonies and sessions that deepen our vision of these traditional cultures while giving offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits).


Minimum 6 – Maximum 12. Plus, a Pumadventures Team & Local Guide


Our tour ends in Cuzco on June 20th and there are no scheduled activities for this day. This gives you the flexibility to stay in Peru longer or return to Lima when you wish. To book your flight from Cuzco back to Lima, there are a number of domestic airlines to choose from:


If for any reason you are unable to commence your trip as scheduled, please contact our office. at the “Emergency Contact Info” below. In the event that your arrival time had a last-minute change or if you requested an airport pick-up and you do not connect with our driver within 30 minutes after you have exited the arrivals area, please take an airport taxi to our hotel. Be sure to have the hotel address handy.


Emergency Cell #: Call Magaly at (051) 945820962



In Peru there are two main seasons: a wet season and a dry one. Weather patterns vary greatly across this geographically diverse country – Amazon, highlands & coast. One generalization is that the temperature is usually colder in the higher altitudes and warmer along the coast and the Amazon. When travelling in the Andes, it is extremely difficult to predict the weather and it’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day. When travelling in Peru, layers are essential. June to Augustin the Andes is the dry season and is considered to be the best time to visit Peru. Days are typically sunny, temperatures are cool, and rain is scarce. Daytime temperatures can reach a high of 20°C (68°F). Nights are cold and can reach lows of 0°C (32°F).


If you have an unlocked cell phone, SIM cards can be purchased in Peru for approx. $30 USD. They can be used to make local and international calls


If you download WhatsApp onto your phone, we can stay connected as a group throughout the journey and calls can be made to anyone anywhere in the world for free if they also have WhatsApp downloaded onto their phone. Also, with a Peruvian SIM card, some phone plans allow for calls to be made using WhatsApp for free when Wi-Fi is not available without using up any data.


In the Andes, we can experience all seasons in a day, ranging from sunny and hot, to rainy and cold. Bring a range of clothes that include summer clothing, base layers for warmth, and outer layers for the rain and cold weather. During our pilgrimage expect it to be very cold at night as we will be camping at the base of a glacier. For this you will need to bring warm clothes including thermal shirts and long johns, a warm hat, gloves, scarf and a winter jacket. You may wish to bring your own sleeping bag and if not, you can rent one locally. You may also wish to bring a hot water bottle to put in your sleeping bag.

  • Airline e-ticket (printed copy)
  • Passport (with photocopy of important pages)
  • Travel/health insurance (printed copy)
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Cash in USD (small denominations)
  • Small daypack for day trips
  • Windproof/waterproof jacket
  • Warm winter jacket (for camping)
  • Fleece or warm top
  • Shirts/t-shirts/long sleeve shirts
  • Long pants/hiking pants
  • Thermal long sleeve shirt/long johns
  • Warm hat/gloves/scarf
  • Warm socks
  • Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Sport sandals (optional)
  • Flashlight or headlamp (important)
  • Reading/writing material
  • Camera (with extra batteries)
  • Toiletries
  • Sunblock
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Insect Repellent
  • Watch or alarm clock
  • Water bottle
  • Hot water bottle (optional)
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • First-aid kit (lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be taking)


Peru’s electric voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. Here is a useful website to determine if you need to bring an adapter to Peru:


All hotels offer laundry services for a charge, otherwise laundry services are available in the towns. If you wish to do your own laundry, bring non-polluting/biodegradable soap to use in your hotel room. There are no laundry services in the Pacchanta community.


Wi-Fi is available in Lima, Cuzco and Aguas Calientes.


A valid passport (with a minimum 6 months validity) from the date of arrival is required for entry into Peru.


Upon arrival, you may be asked to show proof of a round trip ticket or onward travel to prove

the length of your stay. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of important documents with you. You may also want to consider taking a picture or scan important documents in an email to yourself just to be safe.



Note: Canadians and Americans do not need a tourist visa in order to enter Peru for stays of under 183 days. Contact your local embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date visa requirements, or see your travel agent. It’s your responsibility to have the correct travel documentation. If you are required to have a visa you will need to get one before entering Peru, otherwise you will be refused entry. Processing fees and time frames depend on each country but can take two weeks or longer, so it is important to apply for it as early as possible.


An average level of fitness and mobility is required to undertake this journey. Travelers must be able to walk without the aid of another person, climb several flights of stairs, and carry their own luggage, at a minimum. The 3-days pilgrimage requires the ability to hike a minimum of 2-4 hours each day at high altitude carrying a day pack. Travelers with pre-existing medical conditions must advise us on the registration form. This is to ensure that travelers have the necessary fitness and mobility to comfortably participate on this trip.


Medical insurance is mandatory. You will be asked to provide a copy of your insurance details at the Welcome Meeting on Day 1 of this trip. Cancellation Insurance is optional but strongly recommended in order to protect against cancellations fees and additional travel expenses that you may incur. There are many insurance companies to choose from so please feel free to go with which ever company works best for you. Here are a few suggestions:

If you have travel insurance connected to your credit card, be sure to contact your bank for details of their participating insurer, the level of coverage, and an emergency contact phone number.


Being at high altitudes may cause some travelers to feel ill and can affect even the healthiest

people regardless of age, physical fitness, or gender. During our trip, we will travel across a range of altitudes:

  • Lima – 160 m (505 ft)
  • Cuzco – 3,400 m (11,152 ft)
  • Machu Picchu – 2,430 m (7,972 ft)
  • Wayna PIcchu – 2,720 m (8,920 feet)
  • Qoyllur Rit’i Pilgrimage – 4,700 m (15,420 ft)

At elevations of above 8,000 ft (2,438m) you are at risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), the mildest and most common form of the condition. For some people this may result in experiencing the following symptoms: headache, light headedness, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite. If these symptoms progress to more serious symptoms of High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High-Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) you may experience the additional symptoms of low-grade fever, severe cough, severe headache, vomiting, and/or loss of consciousness in which case you will need to descend to a lower altitude immediately:

Ways to treat high altitude sickness

  1. Don’t exert yourself when you arrive in Cuzco. A leisurely stroll should be fine but don’t exert yourself by going on a fast-paced walk or hike.
  2. Avoid alcohol. The effects of alcohol are enhanced at high altitude and may exacerbate the

effects of altitude sickness.

  1. Drink lots of water. This may not alleviate altitude sickness but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between altitude sickness and dehydration and high elevations tend to be very dry, so you may need more water for proper hydration.
  2. Acclimate at a lower altitude and ascend slowly. We will be travelling through a range of altitudes. When hiking, walk slowly at a pace that you could walk at for days and rest as often as you need to.
  1. Diamox Medication. When visiting a travel clinic, your doctor may prescribe Diamox which is common for quickening acclimatization and shortening the duration of AMS. It is not suitable for everyone so please consult your travel clinic for details.
  1. Drink Coca Tea. Chewing coca leaves and drinking coca tea is practiced daily by people in the Andes. It acts as a mild stimulant to suppress hunger, thirst, pain, fatigue and is considered a sacred plant within Indigenous cultures. Although not scientifically proven, it is also believed by locals to combat altitude sickness. The coca leaf in its natural form is a harmless and mild stimulant comparable to coffee.


Many national governments provide regularly updated travel advisory service on safety issues involved with international travel. You can check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before departure.

  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • Secure your luggage with a lock.
  • Use a neck wallet or money belt.
  • Don’t keep all your valuables in one place
  • Carry photocopies of your passport, travel/health insurance, and emergency contact details.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended in public areas.
  • Give a copy of your travel itinerary to a friend or family member before you depart.


It’s strongly recommended that you do not drink tap water in Peru. Always drink bottled water, even when brushing your teeth and rinsing your toothbrush. If you bring your own water bottle, some hotels offer water stations where you’ll be able to refill your water bottle for free. Better for the environment and better for you.


The currency in Peru is the Peruvian Sol (PEN). When travelling in Peru, do not rely solely on credit or debit cards as your only source of money. A combination of Peruvian Soles, US dollar cash and cards are best. Many shops do not carry a lot of change so when paying with cash, it’s best to have small bills on hand. Make sure all your notes are in reasonably good condition – the locals and banks aren’t fond of torn, faded or marked up bills. Travelers cheques are not recommended as they are difficult to change in country.

To see the most current exchange rate visit:


Each traveler is different and spending habits vary. Please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing for shopping, drinks, tips, optional activities, and any extras.


Tipping is voluntary and a great way to express our appreciation for a job well done. In Latin America, it is customary to tip service providers.

  • Suggested budget for this trip: $150 USD
  • Recommended range:
  • Local guides ($10-$15 USD per day)
  • Drivers ($3-$5 USD per day)
  • Professional chef ($8-$10)
  • Horsemen and Assistants ($5-$7 USD per day)

In restaurants, 10% is the typical tip and is sometimes included in your bill as a service charge.



Budget $300 for meals not included. This guideline estimates approx. $30 per day, although meals will be included on some days. A cheap meal is $5-10 and an expensive meal is $15-25. Beer, sodas and snacks are $2-3. You may want to budget more for alcoholic beverages, $3-$5 each.


Suggested budget $150


An emergency stash of cash is optional but always a good idea – at least $200 is recommended.


Single Supplement If you prefer a private room with single occupancy for the duration of the tour (except during the family homestay): Add $530 USD


Extra Accommodation

To book extra hotel nights in Lima, before or after our tour:

  • $130 USD per night (single occupancy)
  • $160 USD per night (double occupancy)
  • To book extra hotel nights in Cuzco, before or after our tour:
  • $90 USD per night (single occupancy)
  • $120 USD per night (double occupancy)

Airport Transfer

If you wish to be picked up at the airport upon arrival in Lima and transferred to our hotel:

$50 USD (1-2 people). $60 (3-4 people)


Initial Deposit Due Date: March 15, 2020

A $500 USD deposit is due at the time of booking. This deposit is used to confirm your spot with local hotels and operators and is non-refundable. This will confirm your place on the tour up to 75 days prior to the start date of the tour after which time the final full payment is due.

Final Payment Due Date: April 27, 2020

Payment of the balance of the tour price is due 25 days before the departure date of the tour. If your booking is made less than 75 days prior to the departure date of the tour, the full amount is payable at the time of booking.

Standard Tour Cost $3,500 USD per person, based on double-occupancy accommodation If you’d like to add any of the optional extras noted below to your tour, there is a section on the Registration Form for you to indicate this. The additional cost must be included in the final payment of your tour.


All information and itineraries are designed to be as informative as possible and are provided in good faith. Due to the temperament of Mother Nature and the Peruvian Government, itineraries may change and activities may be shifted, omitted or replaced without notice. Our goal is to give you the best possible tour with a safety-first mentality. We also must comply with all rules set forth by the national and local governments no matter how convenient or inconvenient they may be. The good news is that changes in itinerary are a rare occurrence and we are very adept at dealing with the challenges of operating in Peru. You’re in good hands!


It is strongly recommended that you consider purchasing cancellation insurance as this will cover cancellation charges in certain circumstances.

Cancellation by the Client: Any cancellation by a Client must be made in writing and acknowledged by Pumadventures. The date on which the request to cancel is received by Pumadventures will determine the cancellation charge applicable.

Cancellation received 35 days or more before departure: Loss of $500 non-refundable deposit. 100% refund of the remainder of the payment made by the Client to Pumadventures.

Cancellation 40-30 days before departure: Loss of $500 non-refundable deposit. 50% of the remainder of the payments made by the Client to Pumadventures shall be refunded.

Cancellation less than 20 days before departure: Loss of $500 non-refundable deposit. Nofurther refund shall be payable to the client.

Tour Confirmation: In order to run each tour, a minimum number of passengers is needed.

Confirmation that your tour has met its minimum will be available by 45 days prior to the date of departure. Cancellation of the Tour by Pumadventures: In the unlikely event that Original Routes cancels a tour after it has been confirmed to run, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid or any alternative tour offered by the Company. Pumadventures is not responsible for any incidental expenses that the Client may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visa, vaccination, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyment, etc. If the alternative trip chosen is of a lower value than that originally booked, then the Client is entitled to a refund of the price difference. If the alternative tour chosen is of a higher value than that originally booked, then the Client must pay the difference in price.




  • Good morning – Buenos días
  • Good afternoon – Buenas tardes
  • Good evening – Buenas noches
  • Hello – Hola
  • How are you? – ¿Cómo estás?
  • Good, thank you – Bien, gracias
  • Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto
  • Do you speak English? – ¿Habla inglés?
  • Please – Por favor
  • Thank you – Gracias

A few phrases

  • My name is… Me llamo….
  • I am Canadian – Soy canadiense
  • I am American – Soy de los Estados Unidos
  • What is your name? – ¿Como te llamas?
  • Where’s the bathroom? – ¿Dónde está el baño?
  • I need a taxi – Yo necesito un taxi
  • What time is it? – ¿Qué hora es?
  • I want – Yo quiero…
  • I don’t want – Yo no quiero…
  • I would like – (polite) – Me gustaría…
  • Where is – ¿Dónde está…?
  • How much does it cost – ¿Cuánto cuesta?
  • Do you have? – ¿Tiene…?
  • I have – Yo tengo…
  • I don’t have – Yo no tengo…
  • I understand – Yo entiendo
  • I don’t understand – No entiendo
  • Do you understand? – ¿Entiende?
  • I don’t speak Spanish – No hablo Español
  • I am vegetarian – Soy vegetariana
  • The bill, please – La cuenta, por favor.


  • Water – agua
  • Mineral water – aqua con gas
  • Coffee – café
  • Coffee with milk – café con leche
  • Tea – té
  • Juice – jugo
  • Orange juice – jugo de naranja
  • Beer – cerveza
  • Rum – ron


  • One – uno
  • Two – dos
  • Three – tres
  • Four – cuatro
  • Five – cinco
  • Six – seis
  • Seven – siete
  • Eight – ocho
  • Nine – nueve
  • Ten – diez


  • Eggs – huevos
  • Fried eggs – huevos fritos
  • Scrambled eggs – huevos revueltos
  • Bread – pan
  • Butter – mantequilla
  • Jam – mermelada
  • Fruit – fruta
  • Fruit salad – ensalada de frutas
  • Eleven – once
  • Twelve – doce
  • Thirteen – trece
  • Fourteen – catorce
  • Fifteen – diez y cinco
  • Sixteen – diez y seis
  • Seventeen – diez y siete
  • Eighteen diez y ocho
  • Nineteen – diez y nueve
  • Twenty – viente
  • Thirty – treinta
  • Forty – cuarenta
  • Fifty – cincuenta
  • Sixty – sesenta
  • Seventy – setenta
  • Eighty – ochenta
  • Ninety – noventa
  • One hundred -cien
  • One thousand – mil
  • Fish – pescado
  • Chicken – pollo
  • Beef – carne
  • Lobster – langosta
  • Shrimp – camaron
  • Grilled – a la plancha
  • Fried – frito
  • Steamed – al vapor
  • Salad – ensalada
  • Rice – arroz
  • French Fries – papas fritas
  • Salt – sal
  • Pepper – pimienta
  • Sugar – azúcar
  • Dessert – postre
  • Ice Cream – helado
  • Chocolate – chocolaté


By booking a Pumadventures Peru tour, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditons.

Tour Plan



  • Lima - City Tour
  • Welcome Dinner
Welcome to Lima, the capital city of Peru known as the City of Kings. Perched on atop jagged cliffs that plunge into the Pacific Ocean, Lima is a big city known for its manicured parks, elegant boulevards, pre-Columbian art museums, vibrant night life, and delicious food. In the Afternoon, we’ll gather for our Welcome Meeting and We will tour some of the sacred areas in Lima. (Overnight in Lima-Miraflores)

DAY 2: ARRIVE CUSCO (31/05/2020)

  • Morning Flight
  • Visit San Pedro Market
  • Free time to explore
Today we fly over the majestic Andes to Cusco. Make sure to have your camera ready for some spectacular photo opportunities. On a clear day you can see all the valleys and peaks and the tiny mountain towns scattered among the hills. Transfer to our beautiful hotel in Cusco. In the afternoon we will have our introductory meeting to go over all the exciting activities we have planned for our journey and stroll along cobblestone streets to visit the colorful San Pedro market Spend the rest of the day independently to adjust to the altitude and wander through the colorful town. (Overnight in Cusco at Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar)


  • Visits to sacred sites and temples
  • Invited healers for ceremonies and energy work
  • Despacho and Andean ceremonies
  • Traditional energy work
We will begin our pilgrimage with a day of ceremony. In the morning we will start our journey to the archeological center of Chinchero, a beautiful temple dedicated to rainbow land. Pumadventures Team will discuss Andean Cosmovision and traditional Andean Healing Arts, and will guide us through rituals of welcoming and reconnecting with the ancestral spirits of the Andes. We will also work with two very special, invited healers today – Don Sebastian and Mama Irene – who will share their gifts & healing practices that will have a lasting impact on our everyday lives back home. Don Sebastian is a Q’ero Master with pure energy and wisdom from the lineage of the Q’ero People; Mama Irene is an older medicine woman and a very powerful healer who comes from a different lineage of healers in the Peruvian Andes, closer to the rainbow lineage. Together these two healers will have a profound and lasting impact on our understanding of energy work and Andean medicine. This full day of energy work will allow us to feel fully immersed in ancestral traditions and deepen our connection to our inner self as well as the land we are visiting. We will also learn about the concepts of Nokan Kany and Ayni. By understanding that love is always a reciprocal relationship (love for people, nature, the Pachamama - Mother earth) we can reassess our relationships and how we treat ourselves and the world around us. (Overnight in Cusco at Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar).    


  • Visits to sacred sites and temples
  • Sacred Valley Inca Sites
  • Journey by train
  • Hot Springs
We will leave after breakfast in the morning on an adventure to the magical site of Moray. The foundation of the Andean Cosmovision is to have your spiritual life be fully integrated with all aspects of your life. To allow your practice be oriented to living an industrious, wise, and loving life that is connected and relational. The Inca were able to feed all their people. The Moray site highlights the Incan wisdom and skillfulness of seed cultivation, we will make offerings here that our time spent in this beautiful area will “grow corn and potatoes” in our lives. After lunch we will board our transportation to Ollantaytambo in the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. On arrival, we will visit Ollantaytambo, known as The Sanctuary of the Wind, an ancient observatory and ceremonial center set amongst impressive hillside terraces. Visit the Temple of the Sun and also the Royal Baths and Fountains for a shamanic energy experience where we will connect with the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. We then make our way along the murmuring river to the Temple of the Condor for a few moments of reflection and silent meditation. after to visit we will journey on to train station, and enjoy a scenic train ride along the Urubamba River to the charming village of Aguas Calientes, or Machu Picchu Pueblo as it is now called. After checking in to our hotel, enjoy the evening at your leisure to prepare for your visit to sacred Machu Picchu tomorrow. (Overnight in Machu Picchu at Inti Punku Hotel or similar).


  • Explore Machu Picchu
  • Optional Hike to Wayna Picchu
After an early breakfast we make our way by bus to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for our spiritual awakening. This Cristal Condor sacred site is an inspiring and beautiful place, an architectural wonder, and a great testament to Incan Civilization. Once used primarily as an astronomical Observatory and place of pilgrimage, Machu Picchu now attracts thousands of visitors each year to connect with the sacred energies and ancient wisdom. Because it sits within three corresponding high peaks of power, which create an energy triangle, it is a perfect spot to sit and meditate, focus your intent, and expand your awareness. During our time here we will visit the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the spiritual center of the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun. Puma will guide us into a heart-opening ceremony to connect with Pachamama and the universal energies that encompass us – a life changing experience! WAYNAPICCHU: For many trekkers, climbing Wayna Picchu (aka Huayna Picchu) is one of the highlights of their visit to Machu Picchu. From a distance Wayna Picchu appears to be a technical climbing endeavor but is in fact just a steep hike which requires no technical skills or climbing gear. The trail involves a series of switchbacks, a narrow 8m rock tunnel, the famous death stairs, and sections that include railings and cables for support. Hiking time is approximately 1 hr. each way and the total ascent is just over 360m (1,000 ft). IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone with a decent level of fitness can climb Wayna Picchu but if you are afraid of heights or susceptible to vertigo then this climb is probably not for you. If you would like to climb Wayna Picchu please let us know at the time of booking so that we can check availability as permits are limited. If you choose not to climb Wayna Picchu or if permits are sold out, you will have more free time to explore Machu Picchu. (Overnight in Cusco at Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar).


  • Visit Sacsayhuaman Inca site
  • Daily life in a traditional Andean village
After breakfast, we begin with a visit to Sacsayhuaman, where we will marvel at this architectural wonder and learn the mystery and legends of how this stone-walled complex was constructed. Next, Pumas team will take us through a rebirth process in a nearby cave of the Cosmic Mother, also known as the Womb of Mother Earth. We then continue on to Tambomachay, a favorite resting place of the Incas, commonly referred to as the “Baños del Inca” or “Baños de la Ñusta” (Baths of the Incas or Baths of the Princess). This site, once used for ritual bathing, is believed to be a temple dedicated to the worship of water. At the Temple of the Condor we will participate in a private Andean Initiation Ceremony to connect with the ancestral lineages. Connect with the sacred trilogy of the Incas – the Puma, Serpent, and Condor and learn about what the Incan elders believed of parallel dimensions. After visiting other sacred temples around the mountain, we return to the city of Cusco for a city tour and to immerse ourselves in the smiles and laughter of the local people. Later we visit Coricancha, one of the most revered temples, dedicated to the Sun God, whose walls and floors were once covered in sheets of solid gold. Wander the courtyard which was once filled with golden statues. (Overnight in Cusco at the Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar).

DAY 7 - 8 & 09: AUSANGATE & QOYLLUR R'ITI FESTIVAL (05, 06 y 07/06/2020)

  • 3 days Pilgrimage to Ausangate Mountain
  • Pacchanta - Hot Springs
  • Qoyllur R’iti Festival
We will drive to the base of Ausungate, passing through beautiful landscapes and several traditional villages and we’ll visit the small village of Pacchanta (3,800 meters / 12,464 feet) and the Sistine Chapel of Cusco. Once we arrive to the mountain, we will make an offering to Pachamama and the Apus in gratitude of keeping us safe and sound during our travels. After dinner you may choose to enjoy the magical hot springs with amazing view of Ausangate and the Stars. (Overnight at Pacchanta - Local Housing) The next day after breakfast, we’ll drive 1 hour to the town of Mahuayani where we’ll join thousands of pilgrims from across the Andes on a pilgrimage to the base of a sacred mountain to witness the festival of Qoyllur R’iti We’ll see a mix of Indigenous customs and Christianity and participate in traditional games and rituals to manifest our dreams into reality. The trek is 3-4hrs each way to the sanctuary (4,700m / 15,420 ft) with plenty of time to rest along the way. Dress warmly as we’ll be camping at high altitude at the base of a glacier. Pumadventures Team and a chef will accompany us, and camping gear will be provided. Return to Cuzco in the afternoon of Day 09. We’ll also celebrate the end of our journey with a group closing dinner.

DAY 10: DEPARTURE DAY (08/06/2020)

You will be transported to Cusco Airport or Create Your Own Adventure! Have a nice trip! Today there are no planned activities and you are free to depart Cuzco at any time. Want to stay longer? If you’d like to extend your stay in Peru, let us know. We can help you arrange a variety of trips including a journey to the Amazon. Please note that you are responsible for booking your domestic and international flights. Additional post trip accommodation in Cuzco or Lima can be arranged at the time of booking.


  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner
  • Transportation by private coach
  • Train to/from Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu)
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu with shuttle service
  • Entrance fees to archaeological sites and temples
  • Meals: 09 breakfasts, 4 lunches (Cusco, Chinchero, sacred valley), 2 dinners
  • Accommodation: In 3*-4* star hotels (07 nights), Family Homestay (1nights), Camping (1 night)
  • Pumadventures Team & Local Guide
  • Sacred Valley Tour to Inca Sites: Moras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Sacsayhuaman
  • Family homestay in a traditional Andean village
  • Traditional coca leaf ceremony and offering to Mother Earth with an Andean Shaman
  • 3 day/ 2-night Qoyllur R’iti Pilgrimage


  • 2 people per tent (3-season)
  • One duffel bag which can carry up to 15lbs/7kg of your personal belongings
  • Dining tent with tables and chairs
  • Toilet tent, plus toilet paper and hand sanitizer
  • Professional Chef
  • Horsemen and horses to carry tents, food, cooking equipment, duffle bags
  • 1 emergency horse every 6 people
  • Hot water in the morning and evening for washing
  • Boiled water to fill your water bottle in the morning and at night


  • International Airfare
  • Domestic and international flights
  • Lunch and dinner in Machupicchu
  • Cancellation & medical insurance
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Tips & gratuities for drivers, bellboys, waiters, etc.
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, and telephone calls
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website
  • For meals not included budget $300USD
  • Tips for local guide, cook, assistants (budget $150 USD)
  • Extra money for shopping, drinks etc.
  • Sleeping bag (can be rented in our office if needed, $35 USD)
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