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Offering to Mother Earth

Offering to Mother Earth

Trip Overview

Tour Type:
Day session.
Start/End Time:
Pickup is at 09AM from your hotel lobby and you should be back around 1PM.
Please remember comfortable clothes.
Offering to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth (PACHAMAMA) is benevolent, respected, adored and loved by Andean men. In Inca mythology, PACHAMAMA is the goddess of fertility and mother of everything on the planet. After the arrival of the Spaniards, Virgin Mary was the representation of PACHAMAMA in the Catholic religion and Andean communities continued to worship without having to change their religion, believes or costumes.

Apus (sacred mountains) are sacred spirits considered protectors of men and cities, typically Apus are male spirits but there are also female deities. Since ancient times the Andean men communicated with the Apus through ceremonies, prayers and offerings in order to ask for protection, strength, wisdom, etc.

Despacho (offering to mother earth) The offering to PACHAMAMA allows us to give thanks for all that we have received and its generosity, creating a feeling of harmony and gratitude with nature and letting you know that we have a unconditional love for mother earth and the spirits within us. The master who is the bridge between us and PACHAMAMA will teach us the knowledge he received from her and why he follows this spiritual path.

Tour Plan


Part: 1

Spiritual cleansing & offering to mother earth & coca leaves reading

We will pick you up from your hotel and travel to chinchero a small town site located just outside Cusco, 45 min. Away. All the ceremonies are presided over by our Masters. Each one is specially chosen by the group of healing masters or the mountain spirits to follow their profession and share their gifts. Chinchero Masters are the closest living descendants of the Incas and still maintain many of their ancient traditions.

To begin, the master will start with a Cleansing Ceremony. It is used to clean the negative energies from your body. The Master creates a cover of sage over you while saying a prayer in his native Quechua language, it is quite a moving experience.


Part: 2

Next is the Coca Leaves Reading Ceremony. The master will start by asking questions regarding your home life, health, family, friends and occupation. The master will say a prayer to the mountains with the coca leaves in a blanket held high above his head. He next places them down on a flat surface and gently opens the blanket. The placement of the leaves is his direct insight into your past, present, and future. This is a long-standing practice in Andean culture and a one-of-a-kind experience.


Part: 3

The final and most important ceremony is the Offering to Pachamama. Pachamama is the Andean word for Mother Earth. We give thanks to Pachamama for our crops and everything we have by putting our intentions back into the earth below.

The offering begins with a prayer and opening the "Despacho" it contains, seeds special stones or minerals, coca leaves, candies, cereals, dry parts of the Lama animal, etc. which have a symbolic meaning. The master calls into the ceremony to all the sacred spirits of the nature to gather with us in communion, the way to ask or be grateful for something is making a Kintu (three coca leaves together) and put into the Despacho. Before wrapping the offering the master will make sure you now the significance of everything in the Despacho before offering it to the Sacred fire. Once all three ceremonies have finished, our private transport will take you back to your hotel.


This Tour Only As A Private Service

Daily Departure with at least 2 people.
02 People $ 130.00
03 People $ 110.00
04 People $ 95.00
06 People $ 60.00
08 People $ 40.00


Services of a Master in private service.
All the materials required for the ceremony.
Transportation to and from Chinchero (from Cusco).

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Packing List

You should bring:

Sun hat.
Sun block.
Waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
Extra money.


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