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Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony

Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony

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Day session.
Please remember comfortable clothes.
Coca Leaf Readings.
45 min.


The Coca leaf reading ceremony has been a spiritual practice since pre-Inca times, when people needed to make important decisions related to their family, the planting season, predicting the weather or even wars, etc. They would ask the coca leaf oracle “MAMA COCA” for advice. Today the people of the Andes still ask for help and wisdom to make the best decisions in any situation.


The coca leaf was always considered as an element of peace, wisdom and magic. It was used in healing or diagnostic methods.


The coca or also called “Mama coca” is the essential element in ceremonies or offerings, because it channels in the contact with spiritual beings of the Andean world.


The coca leaf is used in ceremonies such as payments to the land, offerings to the Pachamama, Ayahuasca retreats and even in ceremonies such as the Inti Raymi.


In Andean communities of the Cusco region, many traditions related to the coca leaf are still maintained. It is not only used to cure body aches and to prepare some medicines, but also in the reading of the coca leaf to make important decisions that will favor the future decisions of a community or of each person.


If you are in Cusco on vacation and plan to take a tour of the sacred valley, you can look for information and have a nice experience at a coca leaf reading ceremony in the heart of the Inca Valley.

Tour Plan


Coca leaf reading

The Apus are guardian spirits of the mountains who have watched over the welfare of their people, animals and farmlands.
According to the Andean cosmovision, the Apus were, are and will be divine entities, allies of the inhabitants who nowadays still ask for help any time.
The coca leaves reading has no specific time or place, the Shaman usually makes the coca leaves reading in the sacred valley after other workshops like San Pedro Session, offering to mother earth, etc.
Since very ancient times the coca leaves were very important, they were used as medicine, natural energizer, anesthetic, etc.
The coca leaves are in a bundle, before opening the blanket, the Shaman calls to the Oracle (the coca leaves spirit) and the Apus to be present and give us comic messages.
When the Shaman is doing the coca leaves reading he can see the Past, the present and the future situation of the person who is asking the Oracle by the shape, color, distribution of the Coca leaves. Then the person can ask for more question or deepen into any aspect of their lives.


This Tour Only As A Private Service

Daily Departure with at least 2 people.
02 People $ 50.00
03 People $ 50.00
04 People $ 45.00
06 People $ 40.00
08 People $ 40.00


the whole session of the coca reading.

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Extra money in case you want to buy souvenirs.


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