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Andean Wedding

Andean Wedding

Trip Overview

Tour Type:
Day session.
Start/End Time:
Pickup is at 09AM from your hotel lobby and you should be back around 3PM.
Please remember comfortable clothes.
Andean Wedding.


Andean marriage is a special ceremony more than just a spiritual union between two people, it is to unify two lives, spiritual paths having witnesses to Mother Earth, the protective Apus and the forces of nature so that they can bless and guide the new Abundant couple not only material but spiritual. It is to make a commitment of life not only with the person you love but with the nature that surrounds your beloved.

This union cannot be broken by human beings since it was performed before deities and Pachamama is its main witness.

Tour Plan


Offering to Mother Earth

For this celebration we will meet you in a special place near Chinchero to seek the blessing of the mountains. Our masters then meet the bride and groom to explain the deep meaning of this act and talk to them about the commitment of being together in the journey of life, attached as they will be to the spirit of the closest Sacred Mountain (Apu), Antakillqa, Salkantay, Waka Willka, Pitusiray and Sawasiray .

Before the ceremony itself, a cleansing ritual takes place with incense and floral essences.

An offering to Mother Earth is prepared as an act of gratitude for all the blessings she provides us. This offering consists of seeds, candies, flowers, colored wools, metals, beans and llama fat, among other items, which are all symbolically arranged with coca leaves. A ceremonial grouping of 3 perfect coca leaves, an integral part of all offerings in the Andes known as a ¨Kintu,¨ is shared to close the ceremony, and thin, hand-woven bracelets are given as a traditional symbol of this ritual. To celebrate this union, a toast (challa) is made to celebrate the joy of the union.



Two authentic Andean Masters to officiate the ceremony.
Offering to the Mother Earth.
Traditional clothing for the couple to use during the wedding ceremony (if desired).
Translator: Quechua / English / Spanish.
A special gift representing the union of the couple.
A bottle of champagne to celebrate the union.
A special place for the ceremony.

Not Included:

Food and other items not mentioned in the itinerary.

Can Be Added :

Traditional meal from Chinchero (vegetarian food optional).
Special drinks for the moment.

Packing List

You should bring:

Sun hat.
Sun block.
Waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
Extra money.


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