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The cathedral of Cusco in Peru

The Spanish rule has been marked by more than three centuries the life of Peru . History teaches us that this phase represented a very difficult period for indigenous peoples but, nonetheless, it left marks, especially in the architectural sphere , which on the contrary have been able to give prestige to some of the most important cities in the country.

Among the various examples of colonial architecture that can still be found today, it is difficult not to mention the Cathedral of Cusco : an interweaving of elements in the Baroque and Renaissance style , an eloquent testimony to the triumph of the Christian religion over the previous Inca period.

Located in Plaza de Armas, in the heart of the city, the first Cathedral of Cusco , better known as the Church of the Triumph , dates back to 1539 and was built over the site of the Inca Viracocha palace .

In reality this first Cathedral is nothing more than an auxiliary chapel; one of the three buildings that make up the entire complex of the Cathedral itself, completed in 1664. In addition to the Iglesia del Triunfo , to the right of the Cathedral, we find the Templo de la Seagrada Famiglia , on the left, and the Basilica at the center.

Currently access to the Cathedral takes place from the Iglesia del Triunfo . Each of these areas contains unique examples of Baroque decorations, sculptures and sacred objects. In addition, the Cathedral is one of the largest deposits in the city of works from the Cusco painting school , such as the famous painting of the Last Supper by Marcos Zapata.

Temporary exhibitions are occasionally set up to continue giving voice to the masterpieces of local artists of the past.

Externally, the Cathedral has a typically Renaissance style and its particularly fascinating red color derives from the stone used: blocks of red granite stealthily taken from the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman .

The visual effect is undoubtedly amazing : the Cathedral literally fills the square and the two tall towers dominate the whole city from above .

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