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Peru: a prolific country in the Peruvian Andes

You probably didn’t know, but Peru is indeed one of the countries, look at the country, the most prolific on our planet! Let’s start with a brief presentation of this ancient Inca sacred land.

Between mountain, forest and desert.

Peru is a country twice as big. Located in the northwest of South America between Ecuador and Chile, it is divided into 3 completely different areas:
• The coast, which in summary is a desert 2400 km long (but with beautiful waves that make surfers happy!)
• The Andes, with its 50 mountains more than 6,000 meters above sea level.
• And the Amazon jungle, which only occupies 60% of the territory
Thanks to this particular geographical location, the country has many microclimates. There are no less than 28 completely different climates! Thus, in Peru, it is possible to comply with 84 of the 103 ecological zones that exist in the world. There is something to do when organizing your bags to come to Peru.

Buried wealth in Peru

At that time, the settlers understood it, Latin America is full of riches, especially in its soil! Therefore, the mining sector has developed a lot, especially in Peru, whose subsoil provides a considerable part of the country’s economy.
After becoming one of the world’s largest mineral suppliers, it is the world’s leading silver producer, second in copper, third in tin, fourth in lead and sixth in gold. On the way to the Inca citadels, will you come across some nuggets? We are convinced that yes!

And if we talk about vegetation, and especially what is edible?

Where do you think tomato, beans, corn, cassava, prickly pear, chili, pepper, and paprika come from? There are many to make good little dishes in Peru!
Also from our star country, the puya raimondi (or titanca in Quechua) is the plant with the largest inflorescence in the world, with 8000 flowers and 12 m tall. Well, the latter can’t be eaten (well, at least, we wouldn’t risk it!), But it’s worth mentioning.

And in terms of animals then?

The flora and fauna is incredible in Peru. What makes this country the first in the world in terms of number of varieties:
• Butterflies, with 4,700 species.
• Fish, with 700 species.
• And birds, with 1831 different species, which represents 20% of the world total. And 300 of these species are only found in Peru!
The country is also second for primate varieties, with 34 species, and third for mammals, with 361 species.
If you want to observe a multitude of animals, we recommend the Manú National Park (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO).

What happens if we compete with other countries?

We allow you to guess which country you are in:
• The highest city in the world: La Rinconada, located at 5100m above sea level.
• The highest pass in America: Abra Huayraccasa, located at 5059m
• The two deepest canyons in the world: Cotahuasi at 3600m, and Colca at 3400m.
• And, of course, the highest navigable lake in the world, I called it Lake Titicaca. Well, to share with Bolivia anyway.

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