My experience with a custom itinerary in Peru

Located in South America, Peru covers part of the Amazon jungle. This destination promises a complete change of scenery, to discover admirable sites. Lima, the capital, Machu Picchu and its various attractions.

A classic tour in Peru

To discover the country at my own pace, I opted for a mystical itinerary with the Pumadventures agency, which allowed me to visit its essential sites at affordable prices. The highlight of the trip is obviously the famous Machu Picchu, but before this tour it took me to discover the Pacific coast and the Andes.

I knew Lima the city of the Kings

Lima, the capital, is essential on a circuit in Peru. Located on the quiet side, the city is full of sites and monuments like the Larco Museum, famous for its pre-Columbian collection. The Museum of the Nation contains objects that trace the history of the ancient civilizations of Peru. In the heart of Lima, I was able to enjoy the Place Armas and admire the cathedral that dates back to the 16th century.

A tour of Paracas a place of dreams in Peru

After Lima, I headed to Paracas, just 3 hours by bus from the capital. The Ballestas Islands are the emblematic attractions of Paracas. A few dozen minutes away by boat, they are ideal for observing animals of different species, such as penguins and sea lions. Paracas has other attractions such as its magnificent beaches that contrast admirably with its desert.
Next stop, Nazca, where I wanted to fly over the famous “lines”. I listened to it and surfed the Web to get an idea of ​​the shapes of these lines, but we don’t realize their sizes until they are there. These are drawings and geometric shapes that extend over an area of ​​750 km².

Without a doubt, Puno is the most mystical place in Peru.

My trip to Peru continued on Lake Titica, the highest navigable lake in the world. Perched at 4000m above sea level, the lake and its main attractions can be visited in one or two days. The departure by boat from Puno and a navigation of about twenty minutes took me to the floating islands of Uros. The island of Amantani and that of Taquile are also part of the trip.
The must visit to Peru is Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city of the XV century. Words do not allow me to describe it, its greatness testifies to its glorious past.

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