Luxury spiritual retreats in the Andes of Cusco Peru

Spiritual holidays: how to experience the path and loneliness to find yourself

A spiritual journey in Peru for digital detoxification to meditation retreats, everything tells us about a new search for spirituality in the Andes of Cusco.
Do you want to disconnect, away from the traffic and noise of the city? It is possible a pleasant luxury retreat Cusco to find some serenity with yourself and with the world around us. We all need to disconnect, especially when the frenzy and rhythms of life today do not allow us to dedicate ourselves and lead us to neglect the soul, body and mind.
For a true spiritual vacation, you don’t have to go too far from home: in Peru, in fact, there are several places where you can find calm, total relaxation, meditate and listen to that beautiful almost forgotten sound that is called “silence”.

Spiritual retreats are opportunities to deepen ascetic problems in order to promote interpersonal intimacy or the relationship between man and God. These realities represent very strong and incisive experiences that allow participants to get away from everyday life, leaving aside for a time all the problems, worries and concerns that characterize the existence of each one, to approach a new dimension, made of silence. , meditation, prayer and listening to the word of those who make these retreats.

Recommended spiritual retreats in Cusco

But no more talking, here are some possible places to choose for your spiritual vacation in Cusco; We just have to wish him good inner healing!
– Wachuma Spiritual Retreat in Chinchero Cusco.
– Ayahuasca Spiritual Retreat in Chinchero Cusco.
– Spiritual Retreat with Pachamama in Cusco.
– Spiritual Retreat in the most sacred mountain in Cusco.

What does a luxury spiritual retreat in the Andean mountains mean?

The term “spiritual retreat” precisely indicates the purpose of this experience: the temporary departure from daily existence, leaving aside the usual dynamics to focus only on oneself and seek a solution to the many unresolved questions that create concern.
The retreat generally lasts for a limited duration, one or two weeks, and takes place in isolated and peaceful places, where silence dominates without opposition, or in hotel structures immersed in natural and undisturbed contexts.

Different occasions are offered during the Retreat: there are moments of formation, common work experiences, hours of individual or common prayer, periods of personal or shared meditation.
It is always something much deeper than a simple religious exercise, it is an exciting meeting between people who intend to undress, also in relation to God.

Who is the spiritual retreat for?

It is open to all those who are seriously ready to face this path and who feel the desire to expand their minds, but above all their hearts, to find an answer to the often filed questions.
Regardless of age, economic or professional conditions, the type of life that is carried out, the different habits, the exchange of experiences that a Retreat offers its participants is configured as an indispensable tool to discover that you are not alone, but that one’s doubts, anxieties can be addressed and possibly resolved.
Therefore, the participants intend to reflect on their existence, and above all they want to enrich themselves with a large number of spiritual certainties that are of great help in the lives of two.

The most recommended luxury retreats in Cusco.

Silence and meditation are the two essential prerequisites for a spiritual retreat to take place in the best possible way. The spiritual retreat can also become an opportunity to spend a pleasant vacation in facilities that offer all the requirements that make it a unique and unforgettable experience.
– Spiritual Retreat in Cusco.
– Spiritual Retreat in the Sacred Valley.
– Spiritual retreats in the snowy Ausangate.
– Spiritual retreats in the snowy Salkantay.
– Spiritual Retreats in Machu Picchu.
– Spiritual Retreats in native community in Cusco.

Features of the best places for a luxury retreat in Cusco

The most recommended places for this purpose are: sacred places, quiet and remote mountains, all places characterized by silence and an isolated position, often surrounded by nature. Retreats can also be organized by luxury hotels, which have rooms suitable for this type of meeting; There are numerous structures of this type, offering a stay made of tranquility and peace, interspersed with moments of meditation and prayer, with various opportunities for a deeper study of the proposed topics.
In general, these are accommodations quite isolated from the context of the city, where, in any case, all basic services are ensured to better enjoy the period of the stay.

Some examples of spiritual vacations throughout Peru.

The architectural remains of a ceremonial or sacred nature are highly recommended, but also the Andean mountains, often lend themselves to this type of vacation, offering hospitality to those who wish to spend time in peace. New rhythms are created that replace the crazy and stressful that we live every day.

Sacred places and where you can spend your spiritual vacation in Peru.

– Cusco: There are countless places and tourist destinations where we can take advantage of a spiritual retreat.
– Puno: This is one of the most mystical and sacred places in Peru. It is recognized worldwide for being the land of shamans and spiritual teachers.
– Madre de Dios: If you are a lover of tropical places this destination is ideal for you. You will be able to find spiritual retreats with Shipibos tribes or shamans who will guide you in your internal search.
If the religious approach is not what you consider most appropriate for your needs, you may prefer secular options that are equally satisfying and regenerative.
Even in Peru it is possible to undertake a spiritual itinerary. More and more people around the world are realizing that they need a break from life, affection, and work. This type of tourism is increasing exponentially, even if mainly foreigners participate.
For example, the spiritual retreat of San Pedro in Cusco or the spiritual retreat of Ayahuasca in Cusco. They are so purifying that many people from all over the world travel to Peru to find peace for their lives.

Spiritual Holiday Hotels

Spiritual retreats are present and numbered. Therefore, you may be interested in the proposals involved by some hotels that provide services of spiritual interest in Cusco.

Willka Tika, is a 3-star hotel

located in the sacred valley of the Incas, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The hotel aims to offer a regenerating experience where at the base there is the union between nature, peace and silence. It has facilities that make your statistics relaxing and purifying.

Hotel Aranwa is a 5-star luxury hotel

located in the sacred valley of the Incas, in an old monastery. Its strategic position offers unmissable views of the most beautiful Andean mountains. The structure, built inside an old monastery, is simply magnificent and well maintained. The rooms are simple but equipped with all modern comforts. The restaurant can have two Michelin stars. The distance from the city guarantees peace and serenity. There is a swimming pool and a fantastic garden.
If by reading these lines you have understood that you are stressed and need to disconnect, why don’t you have the opportunity to take a spiritual vacation? It is always good to reflect before doing something that you consider appropriate but is not. If you think that this type of vacation is for you and you will not regret the choice you have made, summer is coming, pack your suitcase, Cusco is waiting for you.

Experience in my spiritual retreat

«I did not imagine a mystical vacation: just that summer We wanted to visit Peru and get our lives back. It seemed like a good solution to see beautiful places. It turned out to be an incredible spiritual experience, “says Alice, a forty-year-old fashion professional. «I have rediscovered a certain sensitivity towards sacred places. Could it be that they are rich in art, isolated, uninhabited: the fatigue of the day clears your head and it is natural to think about your life, where
you go “. Alice has not started going to church again, but that trip has been so liberating that this year she will complete her trip to Peru to know more places and spiritual retreats in Cusco, and she hopes to be able to go to Bolivia sooner or later.
Luxury retreats in Cusco have become a phenomenon of spiritual tourism: in 2013, pilgrims who like travel and a healthy life were almost 20% of the tourists who visited Peru that year, today they are almost 40%. An interesting fact is that in 2018, women outnumbered men for the first time. The numbers are probably higher since yoga is not considered as a spiritual and ascetic activity and how many simple gymnastic exercises.

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