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Free Hiking Tour in Cusco

Free Hiking Tour in Cusco

Free Hiking Tour in Cusco, one of the best and most recommended alternatives to acclimatize the body before starting long adventure trips.

Before starting with the description we must have something very important in mind. the free tours do not include passes to places like Coricancha, cathedral, museums or cultural centers. for the entrance to these places we need to buy tourist tickets of the city of Cusco, with the tickets you can enter many archaeological and historical places. On the other hand, a free tour can offer us great advantages and visit very important open spaces such as the stone of the 12 angles, textile and handicraft center of Cusco, San Pedro market, walk around the main squares and many other places without paying anything.

The free walks always start from the central square of Cusco, they are done every day, this one starts at 10:20 a.m. from Plaza Regocijo, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. You can follow the most famous route as follows:

The first point that all visitors love to see is the Plaza de San Francisco. Then continue to the great market of San Pedro, the largest in Cusco. Open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to the daily shopping for Peruvians, it is possible to taste some special food and juices of all flavors.

In the San Pedro market the stalls are numerous, you can observe the ladies offering all kinds of merchandise; food, textiles, handicrafts, traditional medicine and above all merchandise for special occasions like Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies to mother earth. Of all colors and for all tastes … a very beautiful market.

Cusco: a historical and cultural city.

Cusco has its own colors: it is a very nice rainbow banner (but not to be confused with the colors of the LGTB movement).

The next important point to visit for free is the famous Calle Loreto, where the stone of the 12 angles is located. You can take some pictures for the social network covers, it is always good to take some memories in pictures.
In that street you can see, and if you like you can buy, some very beautiful crafts carved in minerals, musical instruments like the quena or panpipes, as well as fabrics and bracelets that are always ready to be bought by foreign visitors.

A free explanation by tourist guides who are close to the wonderful stone of the 12 angles.

In this place you will meet several people who will give you help, orientation and even explanation of certain doubts. They are generally people who seek to help travelers and recommend their trips without asking anything in return.

Free Hiking tour in Cusco, visit the beautiful San Blas neighborhood..

After visiting the famous stone of the 12 angles, it’s time to go uphill to the famous district of the cusquenian artisans “el barrio de san Blas” very well known and colorful neighborhood where you can see many shops of crafts and fabrics, all of them of great quality.

The San Blas neighborhood is also known for offering lodging and restaurant services, it is a purely touristic neighborhood. Besides the concurrence of several visitors, there you can meet people of other nationalities gathered in the small square telling anecdotes of their adventures. It is a good place to clear up doubts about tours and adventures such as the walk along the Lares Valley, the private tours to Machu Picchu or the beautiful tour to the rainbow mountain. Surely more than one will give you the recommendations you need for your next adventures.

Tour the artisan-textile center of Cusco.

Tour de Caminata Libre en CuscoSurely you have heard that for the tour to the sacred valley you can find handicraft centers like the one in Pisac and chinchero, there is no doubt that in those places they sell beautiful carved pieces, textiles and all kinds of handicrafts. But in the city of Cusco, there is a large commercial center purely craft, where they offer a lot of handmade goods and by the people of Cusco.

The handicraft center of Cusco is well known for offering quality textiles and handicrafts of all colors. You can treat yourself to a tour of each of the small shops by observing what catches your eye the most. It’s a very nice tour and you don’t need any permission.

Walking the streets of Cusco is one of the best ways to acclimatize your body.

After a tour of the historical center of Cusco, you will surely be a little tired, but with the satisfaction of having learned a little more about the culture and customs of the people of Cusco. Take advantage of the free hiking tour in Cusco a city full of history and Inca stones wherever you see it.

In addition, the tour will serve as one of the best ways to acclimatize your body – plus some relaxing massages – you will be prepared for your next tours like the sacred valley and Machu Picchu, you can travel to Machu Picchu by train or by bus.

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