Classes of Peruvian cocktails in Cusco

Prepare your own pisco

Make your own Peruvian cocktails throughout Cusco! A new activity between theory and practice to discover the famous Pisco.
To fully immerse yourself in a country, you must practice your language, taste its cuisine, discover its history, explore these regions, but also taste its national drink!

What is pisco?

Pisco, the grape brandy, is the Peruvian’s favorite alcohol. There are several types in Peru with very different tastes and aromas. Pisco can be enjoyed pure or in cocktails: you have to try it during your trip. In particular the ‘pisco sour’, without a doubt the most famous cocktail in the country.

The different Peruvian cocktails

Accompanied by a professional bartender, you will learn how to make your own classic or revisited cocktails. You go to 3 emblematic restaurants in the city of Cusco and discover all the flavors of Pisco.

You start the route at the “Taberna” bar in Pachapapa.

An introduction to Pisco is essential with the discovery of its history and the description of the fermentation processes. He will have no secrets for you!
Then you continue with the tasting of 3 types of pisco. The papillae and noses will be tested in particular. Then, give way to practice with the preparation of the house cocktail called ‘Cholo Sour’ derived from the coca leaf.
Finally, you end the experience in Calle del Medio with a tasting of a pisco punch and sharing a delicious appetizer.
This excursion is perfect to learn the art of mixology, learn the different bar techniques and, above all, discover the native ingredients of Peru.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.

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