Located in South America, Peru covers part of the Amazon jungle. This destination promises a complete change of scenery, to discover admirable sites. Lima, the capital, Machu Picchu and its various attractions. A classic tour in Peru To discover the country at

During a tour of Peru, immerse yourself in the legends that surround the prestigious past of this South American country. Some huacas from Lima to Machu Picchu, passing by Lake Titicaca, discover the remains left by the pre-Columbian civilizations that

You probably didn't know, but Peru is indeed one of the countries, look at the country, the most prolific on our planet! Let's start with a brief presentation of this ancient Inca sacred land. Between mountain, forest and desert. Peru is a

Prepare your own pisco Make your own Peruvian cocktails throughout Cusco! A new activity between theory and practice to discover the famous Pisco. To fully immerse yourself in a country, you must practice your language, taste its cuisine, discover its history, explore

Spiritual holidays: how to experience the path and loneliness to find yourself A spiritual journey in Peru for digital detoxification to meditation retreats, everything tells us about a new search for spirituality in the Andes of Cusco. Do you want to disconnect,

Traditional festivals in Peru Peru is much more than Machu Picchu. This country rich in history has many festivals traditionally held. There are many opportunities to discover Andean culture under an explosion of color, wild rhythms and the joy of the

In this article you will really discover everything about San Pedro: What is San Pedro and what is its history? The properties and use of this sacred cactus What are the effects of this master plant? How to prepare the

The Spanish rule has been marked by more than three centuries the life of Peru . History teaches us that this phase represented a very difficult period for indigenous peoples but, nonetheless, it left marks, especially in the architectural sphere , which on the contrary have been able to give prestige to some

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